Screen for logging into "Blackboard@Tamagawa"

The term "e-Education" has come into widespread use. The term itself refers to a new educational environment in which computers are used and students can view teaching materials, take exams and hand in reports whenever convenient for them.

At Tamagawa University, computers have been used in classes since 1997. Today, an increasing number of subjects are being offered each year through "Blackboard@Tamagawa," the e-Learning system shared by many universities.

People seem to believe that learning through computer use means studying alone facing a computer, but this is not the case with e-Education at Tamagawa University. Face-to-face interaction between the faculty and students is given priority to achieve the effects of study, and e-Education is used only to remove restrictions on time and place and to enable a deeper understanding. Students can study teaching materials distributed via the Internet either on campus or at home 24 hours a day, as well as attending regular classes. In addition, functions for group work, discussion, and report submission make joint work with the faculty staff and other students easy.

As can be seen, Tamagawa University has endeavored to offer a high quality learning system that combines the strengths of both classroom instruction and e-Education.