International Education

In the 21st century, internationally minded people with broad perspectives and a belief that "The Earth is our home" are in demand. At Tamagawa, international education has been one of the educational precepts since foundation. Efforts have been made to encourage students to think internationally. In recent years, Tamagawa has formed alliances with more than 20 schools abroad. The number of international education and exchange programs has increased each year, at each of the schools from Kindergarten to the University. We have actively focused on developing people who are in demand in the age of globalization, through international exchange aimed at fostering international awareness and broader views.

At Tamagawa, Center for University International Programs and Center for K-12 International Exchange were established to enable the smoother and more consistent operation of these international education and exchange programs. The University is committed to encourage its students to develop a broad perspective and a belief that "The Earth is our home."