Brain Sciences Major (Doctoral Course)

We cultivate engineers, analysts, consultants, educators, counselors and researchers who will develop novel sciences of the human brain and mind from multiple standpoints: computational theory, neuroscience and psychology.

Engineers Researchers Educators

Brain Sciences Major (Doctoral Course)

Research Programs
Mathematical & Engineering Approach

Neural Computation

Ph.D in Engineering
Research Methods
Communication Robot Engineering
Brain-type Learning Systems
Neuroscientific & Psychological Approach

Interdisciplinary Neurosciences

Ph.D in Neurosciences
Research Methods
Pathological Neuroscience
Computational Neuroscience
Computer Simulation Technique
Systems Neuroscience
Systems Neuroscience Technique
Brain Image Analysis
Neuroimaging Technique
Developmental Science
Developmental Science Technique
Introductory Subjects
Scientific Research Ethics
Advanced Seminar