Brain Science Institute

Tamagawa University Brain Science Institute

Striving to create a new science of the mind through a fusion of the brain science and the humanities and social sciences

Hidehiko Komatsu,
Director, Brain Science Institute

Brain Science Institute is composed of two centers: Basic Brain Science Research Center and Applied Brain Science Research Center. Basic Brain Science Research Center pursues researches on experimental and computational neurosciences focusing on fundamental issues related to cognitive functions including memory, motor control, decision-making, reasoning and emotion. Applied Brain Science Research Center pursues researches on social psychology, language development and cognitive functions in children, and communication between human and robot. Through interdisciplinary research and education activities encompassing neuroscience, cognitive science, experimental psychology, computational theory, robotics, and neuroeconomics, the Centers seek to advance world-leading brain science research and to train the next generation of leaders for interdisciplinary research and education on cognition and the mind.