Mind Sciences Major (Master's Course)

We cultivate engineers, analysts, consultants, educators, counselors and researchers who will leverage the knowledges of the functional mechanisms of the human mind from multiple standpoints: neuroscience, computational theory, psychology, information sciences, social sciences, and robotics.

Engineers Researchers Educators

Mind Sciences Major (Master's Course)

Research Programs
Engineering Approach

Brain Informatics

MSc in Engineering
Research Methods
Mathematical Brain Science
Brain and Machine Learning
Neural Signal Processing
Cognitive Robotics
Neuroscientific Approach


MSc in Neuroscience
Research Methods
Brain Science and Humans
Systems Neuroscience
Cognitive Neuroscience
Neuroimaging Analysis
Psychological Approach

Human Sciences

MSc in Neuroscience
Research Methods
Developmental Science
Educational Psychology
Experimental Social Psychology
Optional Subjects
Molecular Life Science
Behavioral Sciences
Neural KANSEI Science
Introductory Subjects
Research Ethics
Research Presentation
Advanced Seminar