8/22(Tuesday) Tamagawa University English Education Seminar - "2017 CELF-ELTama Forum for English Language Teaching" announcement


On August 22 (Tuesday), we are holding the ‘2017 CELF-ELTama Forum for English Language Teaching’ at the ELF Study Hall 2015, Tamagawa University. This joint-event, through the collaboration of the Center for ELF and ELTama, features a variety of sessions designed to promote discussion about research and practices related to ELF and English language teaching.

We very much look forward to seeing you at the event.

Date & Time

August 22, 2017(Tuesday) 10:00~16:00 *Entry 9:40~


ELF Study Hall 2015 (Building No. 25)

Program Summary

  1. Plenary 1:"My transformation as an ELF practitioner: Insights from an Outer-Circle teacher"

    The spread of English as a Lingua Franca (henceforth ELF) has prompted local schools and institutions in various educational contexts to design high quality ELF curriculum to meet the needs of their students and the community. The curriculum design takes many forms with different goals, features and pedagogies. However, the way local teachers switched to an ELF-informed teaching paradigm in different teaching contexts remains largely unexplored. Sifakis, (2014) reminds us that although the pedagogical implications of ELF have been mentioned in the literature in English language teaching, there is still a need for a general framework for ELF teacher education that informs practitioners about ELF teaching matters. In this regard, the presenter, a Singaporean professor teaching English at a Japanese university, narrates his experiences in switching to an ELF-informed teaching paradigm. In his session, the presenter examines:

    • i.
      How do local teachers in Japan understand and interpret the meaning of an ELF teaching pedagogy attitudinally and methodologically?
    • ii.
      In what ways does an ELF pedagogical paradigm influence their professional practice?

    The presenter will explain his language learning experiences and the various factors that shaped his professional identity and development as an ELF practitioner. The presenter will also discuss how an ELF pedagogical paradigm influences his classroom instruction. In his narrative account, the presenter will engage with literature on ELF. After reflecting on the various challenges in creating a pedagogical space for ELF in his classroom instruction, the presenter concludes with some suggestions on “evolving a post-native, multilingual model for ELF-aware teacher education.” (Blair, 2015).


    Blair, A. (2015). Evolving a post-native, multilingual model for ELF-aware teacher education. N Bayyurt, Y. & Akcan, S. (2015). Current perspectives on pedagogy for English as a lingua franca. Berlin: De Gruyter.

    Sifakis, N. C. (2014). ELF awareness as an opportunity for change: a transformative perspective for ESOL teacher education. Journal of English as a Lingua Franca 3(2), 315-333.

  2. Graduate Student Presentations & CELF Research Reports (1)
  3. CELF Research Reports (2), Colloquium, & Concurrent Sessions
  4. CELF Report
  5. Plenary 2:「英語教育と英語音声学」



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