The University by Correspondence

The Correspondence Education School (Department of Literature) started in 1950, three years after the founding of Tamagawa University, with the aim of offering "Zenjin Education" to society. The School drew much attention as Japan's first correspondence school to offer a teaching certificate for elementary schools.

More than 60 years since then, more than 220,000 people have studied at the University by Correspondence and about 5,000 students are enrolled nationwide today. Many of those who studied at the University have gone on to play important roles in kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools and senior high schools nationwide, as well as in art museums, science museums and libraries.

At the University by Correspondence, regular degree courses are offered, just as they are at the Department of Education in the College of Education. These courses run for four years, and students learn through home study and schooling at the same level as regular students in campus. Prerequisites for entry are basically the same as they are for regular students, but selection is made based on documents submitted, without a written examination.

Applicants who have already earned degrees from universities, junior colleges or technical colleges can transfer to the third year. Those who have started from the first year but who have earned the prescribed credits are accepted as transfers to the third year of regular courses offered at the campus, provided they pass the transfer examination.

Students are accepted twice a year, in April (first term) and in October (second term).

Students may earn the following teaching certificates and qualifications by studying at the School:

  • Kindergarten Teaching Certificate
  • Elementary School Teaching Certificate
  • Junior High School Teaching Certificate (Social Studies)
  • Senior High School Teaching Certificate (Civics)
  • Junior High School Teaching Certificate (Mathematics)
  • Senior High School Teaching Certificate (Mathematics)
    (A Certificate in Mathematics is offered to those who have other junior or senior high school teaching certificates.)
  • Librarian
  • School Librarian and Teaching Certificate
    (Offered only to those who have any one of the elementary, junior, senior high school or schools for special needs teaching certificates.)
  • Supervisor of Social Education
  • Curator