Higher Education Development Center

There has been a variety of studies on college students’ learning styles of college students. While students’ learning styles are drastically changing, universities themselves remain unchanged.
The Higher Education Research and Development Center aims to fill the gap between aging university customs and motives for transformation. Hence, we have come up with the following research targets to 1) examine and develop a new way of learning for college students; 2) disseminate new higher education programs; 3) exploit faculty development programs aiming to improve education and research activities; 4) scrutinize practicable workshops for the cultivation of university administrators; and 5) build and verify a model for institutional research in order to objectively re-examine our own institution.


  • Examination and development of a new way of learning for college students
  • Dissemination of new higher education programs
  • Exploitation of effective and efficient faculty development to improve education and research activities
  • Scrutiny and proposition of suitable workshops for university administrators
  • Deployment of institutional research to objectify our own university

Learning supports for college students
The center provides potential learning supports in order to rejuvenate active learning as well as utilize our learning commons.

Faculty development
The center suggests a series of workshops in order to promote and support high quality education and research activities by university faculty members.

Administrator development
The center makes a proposal for cultivating confident university administrators who can play a major role in university management and administration.

Institutional research
The center makes full use of so-called intact big data to contribute some findings to education and research as well as management.