College of Tourism and Hospitality

Developing global human resources with tourism and hospitality as a base

With tourism and hospitality as a base, the College of Tourism and Hospitality seeks to develop globally minded graduates armed with practical English and information skills. A one-year English immersion program equips students with the English skills needed for overseas study. All students meeting overseas study eligibility criteria go to study at one of three universities in Melbourne, Australia, for one year, starting from the second semester of their second year and through the first semester of their third year. The credits acquired thereby are completely convertible into credits for courses offered by the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management, allowing students to graduate in four years with no time off from studies. On returning to Japan, students take specialized courses in the fields of tourism and hospitality, this curriculum develops skills for success not just in the tourism and hospitality industry, but in other related sectors.

Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management

The key features of the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management are the high levels of practical English skills with which it equips students, overseas internships, international research, and overseas study for all students—all with graduation in four years. The Department also equips students with the skills needed to gather, analyze, and disseminate information. And of course, students study not just basic subjects related to tourism and hospitality, but in-depth topics related to areas such as sightseeing, hotels, and airlines.
We aim to develop human resources in the field of tourism and hospitality based on three course models: contributing to development of the industry as a whole, contributing to regional revitalization, and contributing to promotion of international exchange.