Tamagawa University Quantum ICT Research Institute Bulletin Vol.3 No.1 (2013)

Invited paper

  1. Horace P. Yuen, “On the Foundations of Quantum Key Distribution - Reply to Renner and Beyond,” pp.1-8

Regular paper

  1. Osamu Hirota and Dan Murakami, “Error Free Quantum Reading by Quasi Bell State of Entangled Coherent States Part II - Tolerance to Phase Shift from Optimum Value -,” pp.9-11
  2. Masaki Sohma, “Transmission of classical information with squeezed states,” pp.13-20
  3. Genta Masada, “Evaluation of Second Order Nonlinearity in Periodically Poled KTiOPO4 Crystal Using Boyd and Kleinman Theory,” pp.21-24
  4. Mitsuru Hamada, “A Lemma on Euler Angles,” pp.25-27
  5. Kentaro Kato, “Square-Root Measurement for Ternary Coherent State Signal,” pp.29-33

Special topics

  1. Fumio Futami and Osamu Hirota, “Demonstration of Optical Secure Access System by Y-00 Quantum Stream Cipher at 2.5 Gb/s,” pp.35-37

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