Tamagawa University Quantum ICT Research Institute Bulletin Vol.4 No.1 (2014)

Regular paper

  1. Osamu Hirota, “A Correct Security Evaluation of Quantum Key Distribution,” pp.1-9
  2. Masaki Sohma, “Evaluation of Error probability for Quantum Gaussian Channels Using Gallager Functions,” pp.11-14
  3. Fumio Futami and Osamu Hirota, “Transmission of 100 Gbit/s (10×10 Gbit/s) Y-00 Quantum Stream Cipher for Secure Communication,” pp.15-17
  4. Genta Masada, “Efficient Generation of Second Harmonic Wave with Periodically Poled KTiOPO4 crystal at 473 nm,” pp.19-22
  5. Kentaro Kato, “Coupling Lemma and Its Application to The Security Analysis of Quantum Key Distribution,” pp.23-30
  6. Mitsuru Hamada, “A Simple Demonstration of a Fallacy in Implementability Arguments on Quantum Computation,” pp.31-32

Report to editor

  1. Takehisa Iwakoshi, “Error in Trace Distance Upper-bound with QKD Failure Probabilities based on Complementarity ,” pp.33-35

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