General Explanation

Dual Diplomas -
National and International Recognition.

The unique opportunity of achieving both a recognized Japanese and an international diploma demands extra class time for students.

Tamagawa’s IB Programme students have 6-7 classes of class per day. The extension of the teacher-students contact time facilitates students developing bilingualism and the skills necessary for inquiry based learning.

Guided by the Japanese national curriculum our IB Japanese classes are taught using the MYP Framework in grade 6-10, and the IB Diploma programme curriculum in grade 11 and 12. We offer Japanese A for native speakers and Japanese B for those still acquiring proficiency in the language.
To prepare our students for Math in our Diploma programme we seek to establish early a respect and appreciation of mathematics. Following the Japanese national curriculum in grade 6-10 our students focus on acquiring math skills and thinking.
Our English programme offers English A for native speakers and English B for those still acquiring proficiency. For the IB Diploma programme we offer courses in literature and for advanced language learners.
Exploring the major fields of natural science students in grade 6-10 develop the knowledge and inquiry skills necessary to understand and explore science meaningfully. For the IB Diploma programme we offer courses in Chemistry and Physics.
Grade 6-10 focus on understanding Japan, it society and its place within the world. Students acquire the skills to become active global citizens. Grade 11-12 explore historical crisis of the 20th century with an emphasis on East Asia.
Information Technology/Art
Within our information technology classes we support students as they develop their computer literacy and usage. Covering the major disciplines of Art in grade 6-10, we offer visual art at the Diploma level.