Tamagawa Academy's campus is situated on 59 hectares of beautifully landscaped property located about an hour from downtown Tokyo in Machida, a city of approximately 420,000 people. Students enjoy access to superior facilities such as: well-equipped classrooms, a state of the art Multi-Media resource Centre (library and IT lab), a museum, a fully equipped science building and first class music and art facilities.

Students also have access to over 860,000 books (including 290,000 English books) through the various campus libraries.

Sci-Tech-Center: Natural Science Building.

All the resources and equipment in the Sci-Tech-Center have been designed especially for scientific education. Each floor is designed especially for each subject field such as Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. The wall paintings, ceiling designs, and exhibition sections relate to each subject field and create a beautiful and inspiring environment in which to learn. All the facilities of the Sci-Tech-Center are designed to enhance students' interest in science.

Moreover, a cutting edge 3D digital planetarium is prepared for the purpose of nurturing student's scientific curiosity and creativity. An observatory with a reflecting telescope on the roof of the Sci-Tech center allows high school students expand their curiosity of the stars and the mysteries of the universe.

Art Center: A place for creativity.

The Art Center is completely outfitted and generously resourced to meet the demands of developing artistic talents. This impressive facility is able to fully support professional level creative artwork such as woodwork, textile-dyeing, and ceramic art. Every student creates his/her own artwork by using various kinds of textile and artistic mediums. The Art Center, located next to the Middle Division School Building, is expected to expand upon the possibility of collaborating with the Sci-Tech Center to foster inter-disciplinary study and creation.

Facilities that expand possibilities.

Various school buildings and facilities are located on the vast Tamagawa Academy campus that foster learning, confidence and cooperation. Environmentally balanced state-of-the-art educational facilities have the proper conditions to help students improve their learning, motivation, and personal character.


The Chapel is located next to the kindergarten building and houses a fully functional organ for special occasions such as Christmas Service. The Chapel is used for musical concerts, school events and as a place of worship.

Tamagawa Gakuen Auditorium

The Auditorium is available for symposiums, musical concerts and other special occasions. This facility is actively used for school events such as musical shows, drama presentations and exhibitions.

Indoor Swimming Pool

The Olympic sized 50 meter length heated swimming pool was authorized by the Japan Amateur Swimming Federation as meeting its high standards. Both water cleaning and air conditioning are all controlled automatically to ensure users' comfort and safety. The indoor swimming pool is used for classes as well as club activities for students ranging from Kindergarten to College levels.

Memorial Gymnasium

The Memorial Gymnasium is an all purpose gymnasium which houses a Kendo-hall, Judo-hall and training gym on the first floor. In addition, there are 3 basketball courts and a ball game ground on the second ground with workout equipment and gym facilities located on the third floor.

Memorial Athletic Field

The Memorial Athletic Field has a 400 meter track and stadium quality lighting. Every October, Tamagawa Academy hosts a spectacular school sports festival in which all students from kindergarten to college level participate.

Tamagawa Adventure Program

This course is used as a training course to cultivate confidential relationships, communication skills and a spirit of cooperation among teammate through working with peers.