Message from CEO

President Yoshiaki Obara
Tamagawa University CEO
Tamagawa Academy (K-12) Headmaster and CEO

As we face rapid change in Japan, schools must educate children so that they become capable of responding to the changing needs of society. In addition to providing children with optimal knowledge and skills, schools must help children develop a strong moral compass and the ability to understand and evaluate value systems in a changing and diverse world. While Tamagawa Academy (K-12) and Tamagawa University continue to evolve in accord with changes in society, the educational philosophy extolled since the founding of the school-with its focus on Zenjin Education-remains unchanged. In addition to instilling skills and knowledge, we seek to put into practice an education tailored to a new era: an education that gives children the skills needed to take the initiative in solving difficult problems and the creativity needed to blaze their own path.

Tamagawa provides a globally renowned, world-class education, seeking to produce graduates capable of applying knowledge for the benefit of society.