Mission Statement

Tamagawa founder Kuniyoshi Obara characterized human beings as having an unique individuality from birth, and also a commonality with everyone in the world. The mission of Tamagawa education is to progress towards the realization of this principle. Our mission is to produce outstanding individuals who can contribute to not only Japanese society but to the world. To achieve these goals, students need to improve their knowledge and skills, cultivate healthy mind and body, and lift their spirits.

People can always find dissatisfaction in any age. But someone must do the difficult work to improve the situation. People with the courage to start working in the most difficult, unappealing, painful and disadvantageous situation with a smile are those who are worthy of becoming leaders in the 21st century. Tamagawa is determined to cultivate those pioneers in life who will courageously take up challenges without fear of failure, even though unknown hardships are sure to come their way. To do that, the University has advocated twelve precepts of education since its founding.