Twelve Precepts of Education

"Zenjin" Education

An ideal form of education is to incorporate the values of human culture harmoniously into personality. Tamagawa K-12 & University pursues education designed to create the six values, namely truth, goodness, beauty, holiness, soundness and wealth.

Respect for Individuality

Education must allow an individual to develop his or her unique self to the fullest, and achieve self-realization and fulfillment. Education with respect for individuality involves the development of each individual into a more attractive human being.

Self Study, Autonomy

Students need to learn by themselves, and not only through instruction. The purpose of education at Tamagawa is not merely to convey academic knowledge, but to enable students to acquire methods to find truths, through their own enthusiasm.

Highly Efficient Education

To provide smooth, efficient and appropriate education to each student, we endeavor to bolster students' academic enthusiasm and to improve efficiency, by improving the learning environment, carefully selecting teaching materials, improving teaching methods, using information technology (IT) and other means.

Education that is Scholarship

At the root of education, there are solid and eternally unchanging principles. To put these principles to work, arguments need to be put forth based on evidence, and scientific considerations must be accumulated, so that educational activities can be conducted with a firm belief.

Respect for Nature

Mother Nature has offered great opportunities for education. We believe that it is important to teach students to preserve our precious natural environment.

Trust within the School Community

The relationship between teachers and students needs to be full of warmth and trust. Disciplined but warm human relations should be appreciated.

"ROSAKU" Education

True moral and intellectual education is achieved only when students think, experience, try, create and act on their own. Tamagawa aims at cultivating personalities with determination and a pragmatic mind, to integrate intellect and action through ROSAKU.

Uniting Opposites

We are citizens of one nation but also citizens of the world. We should always endeavor to find the best solution to conflicting aspects of particular issues, such as ourselves as individuals and ourselves as members of the society, ideals and reality, and freedom and rules.

One Who Walks the Extra Mile and One Who is a Pioneer in Life

A verse in the Gospel of Matthew says, "And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain." Education at Tamagawa aims to equip people with the practical capabilities of independently-minded pioneers, just like the salt that nourishes the ground and the light that falls on people.

24-Hour Education

Terakoya, a traditional style of education in Japan, represents a true education that we can proudly present to the world. While practicing Terakoya, teachers and students acted together, worked together, ate together, sang together and learned together. Tamagawa does not aim at education within a limited time period, but at education that can be provided at any time and at all times.

Global Education

Today, internationally-minded people with a broad outlook and courage, who believe that the Earth is our home, are in demand. Tamagawa aims to provide educational programs that can be offered at any place on Earth, to develop a broad international awareness among students.