Message from President

Tamagawa University President
Kazuhito Obara

At Tamagawa University, our educational philosophy, known as Zenjin Education, is to harmoniously cultivate six values: truth, goodness, beauty, holiness, health, and wealth. We offer our education guided by these values, which are the essence of human culture. Students spend four years deepening their understanding of academic disciplines, morality, art, religion, health, and life.

Zenjin Education is always accompanied by the concept of rosaku. According to Kuniyoshi Obara, the founder of Tamagawagakuen, rou (労) implies diligent work, and saku (作) implies creating and producing. Kuniyoshi believed that rosaku encourages students to diligently think, experience challenges, try interesting experiments, create, and be productive by themselves.

Helped by the philosophy of Zenjin Education and the concept of rosaku, we believe that our students will attain a strong will and practical skills. After having made constant efforts, they may embody our motto, “Be the first to take charge of the most unpleasant, the bitterest, the hardest, and the most difficult and unprofitable work in life and do it with a smile”. The spirit of rosaku cultured at Tamagawa University will serve as a guiding light as you contribute to society and, above all, in your own life.

On our campus, you will often encounter a Japanese word Kuniyoshi loved: the kanji character for ‘dream’ written with one stroke more than the original character. This additional stroke contains a wish for ‘Tamagawakko’ (members of the Tamagawa community) to cherish having big dreams and to have as many dreams as possible. So, what does ‘many and big dreams’ mean?

Kuniyoshi expected Tamagawa students to have many and big dreams, not only for their own lives but also to express love and compassion for others. In other words, we think that this additional stroke is for those who consider the happiness of others. Those who aspire to this ideal are the ones who truly have many and big dreams. Tamagawa University is a place where you may add one more stroke to your dreams!