College of Engineering

Department of Information and Communication Technology

Students in this department study next-generation technologies to promote human communication, in particular information and communication technology (ICT). Acquiring the fundamentals of programing and sensing from the perspective of both software and hardware, it is possible to extend advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and quantum radar.The skills acquired through experience will be advantages for success in the fields of information and communication.

Department of Software Science

In integrated fashion, students in the Department of Software Science learn topics such as software development, network technologies, mobile technologies, game development, and animation technologies. The department also addresses English-language, management, and communication skills.

Department of Management Science

Students in the Department of Management Science acquire the knowledge and practical skills they will need as the management leaders of the future, learning drafting and implementing of management strategies in an environment similar to the real business world. The department also offers a training course for mathematics educators.

Department of Design Science

The aim of this department is to lead 21st century fabrication technology based on digital technology. By providing the students not only with main design and fabrication technologies but also planning skills, management control and communication skills, students can be welcome on a global basis as an engineer, a product designer, a manager and every kind of categories.It is possible that students make products which they imagine and become an epoch-making engineering human resources.