Graduate School of Engineering

The Graduate School of Engineering is involved in education and research with the goal of developing researchers and technicians with a high level of specialization and an abundance of humanity, social awareness, and global perspective who are able to conquer the various problems facing humanity and who can support a knowledge-based society. The master's courses are based on the fundamental knowledge and academic ability acquired in undergraduate studies. The doctoral program develops education and research that nurtures a high level of specialization sufficient to become independent as a researcher and conduct research activities as well as a high level of research skills and scholarship which facilitate activity in the various aspects of a knowledge based society.

Mechanical Engineering Major (Master's course)

The major consists of four courses, and research and education is primarily being conducted in the areas of mechanical engineering, the environment, energy and welfare equipment.

Material Working Systems Course; Environmental Soft Energy Course
Administration Systems Course; Robotics Course

Electronic Information Engineering Major (Master's course)

The Major consists of six courses, and Japan's latest research in the areas of brain and quantum information is combined with research into intellectual devices and media. The target is research and education in intellectual robotics.

Quantum Information Course; Intellectual Media Course; Robotics Course; Environmental Soft Energy Course

System Sciences Major (Doctoral Course)

Via the systemization and blending of extremely specialized science and technology, the System Sciences Major aims to cultivate researchers and technicians who can create new insights from an international viewpoint which can utilize science and technology for the smooth operation of modern society.

The major research fields: Quantum Informatics including Quantum Cryptography, Robotics, Intelligent Informatics Science that supports fundamental research in robotics, Production Development Systems that promote research of production methods,and Environmental Soft Energy.