College of Arts and Sciences

In the College of Arts and Sciences, students round out their education from a range of courses covering the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, and specialize in areas of their own interest.

In today’s world, the quantity of knowledge and information that people can access is dramatically increasing and, arguably, the quality of such is also rapidly accelerating. In such a diversified and complex society, it is educational programs such as liberal arts that transcend narrow specialization and that are currently in demand.
Through a liberal arts program, we aim to cultivate the knowledge and skills gained from experience and practice that allow us to keep pace with this rapid change. With a consistent focus on the core tasks (Plan, Practice, and Promote), we nurture awareness, attitudes, behaviors, and skills that are required by those who wish to be leaders and active participants in the multi-faceted communities of education, business, public service, and international exchange.
At the same time, as we focus on careers and professions, we want our students to become fully-fledged members of society with both the ability to recognize problems and challenges, and the necessary skills with which to seek effective solutions.

"Understanding the world, to know oneself." This is the goal of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Department of Liberal Arts

Drawing on a broad range of disciplines ranging from the humanities, including art and literature, through the social and natural sciences, the Department of Liberal Arts offers students instruction through an interdisciplinary approach, deepening student understanding of specific fields from a multifaceted perspective.