Higher Education Affiliated Division and Support Division

Center for Teacher Education Research

In the 2006 school year, we established a Center for Teacher Education. The Center goes beyond traditional work aimed at helping students seeking to pursue teaching careers, and steps up work to enhance the levels of expertise, aptitude, and achievement necessary for the acquisition of teaching qualifications. We have built on the traditions of our school's commitment to education and work to enhance the teacher training programs in the College of Education, the Correspondence Education School, and the Graduate School of Education as well as promoting systematic activities related to the Teacher Training GP Program.

Center for University International Programs

The Center for University International Programs functions as the hub for Tamagawa Gakuen's international education and exchange activities.

The Center plans and supports University students' study abroad and short-term overseas training programs. It is also involved in work related to tie-ups, exchanges, and the ratification of agreements with overseas universities, and functions as a support center for students wishing to study overseas.

The Center is further involved in cooperating and conducting tie-ups with international education and cultural exchange organizations inside and outside of Japan, and serves as the main pillar of support for Tamagawa Gakuen's international education and cultural exchange activities. Tasks related to supporting visitors and students from abroad, the providing of translation and interpretation assistance, and the operation of the Tamagawa University Canada Nanaimo Campus that is used in training programs, also fall under the Center's mandate.

Center for English as a Lingua Franca (CELF)

Following the launching of our new English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) program in April 2013, the Center for ELF was established in April 2014. Currently, each semester, over 2,000 students from all eight colleges are participating in the ELF program. The program is designed for our students to become able to communicate with people all over the world using English as a global lingua franca. Teachers are from Asia, Australasia, Americas, and Europe with their own rich social, linguistic, and cultural backgrounds. The Center also assists professional developments for our academic staff through workshops, forums, and publication opportunities. Our academic staff members are very active in practitioner research, presenting and publishing both internationally and locally in order to share theoretical and empirical ideas.

Center for Tamagawa Adventure Program (TAP)

The mission of TAP center is based on Zenjin Education to research and to develop effective experiential learning programs to help students to achieve their personal and group goals for the purpose for being active and effective persons in the society. TAP programs are designed to offer fun and unique education programs; they emphasize skill development including self-concept, cooperation, communication, trust, decision making, leadership and creative problem solving skills. In the past 15 years since its inception, the programs have been expanded to serve to people of all ages and applying its methodology for developing Full Value groups and organizations.

Center for Career Planning and Placement

As well as serving as a venue for introducing students to prospective employers and preparing them for teacher accreditation exams, this Center provides counseling that helps students discover their full career potential.

The Center has worked closely with the Center for Undergraduate Programs to incorporate career-oriented education into the curriculum. It believes that to improve the basic language, communication and presentation skills of students, training should be carried out in a manner that closely corresponds with "real-life" situations.

The Center shares, with faculty in charge of the career guidance process, the recognition that an improvement in many student skill sets is necessary, and will be seeking to bolster efforts to help students find employment after graduation.