10/10(Wed.) Presentation by Dr. Jana E. Moore: 'Working with Special Needs Students in the Language Learning Environment'


We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Jana E. Moore from Moanalua High School, Hawaii, USA will give a special lecture at the CELF. Registration is not required, and attendance is free and open to everyone.

We very much look forward to your participation.

Title of Talk

Working with Special Needs Students in the Language Learning Environment


In schools today, there is a growing population of dual needs students: students who have been identified with special needs and are also language learners. Because they learn in unique ways, they often struggle with acquiring language. Their frustrations may be due to their learning disability or language, and understanding their needs strengthens the teacher's ability to help. Learn about the similarities and differences between special needs and language learning, along with classroom strategies, to improve your practice.


Jana has over 15 years of ESL/EFL teaching experience in the United States and Japan, from junior high through university and education. She has completed her Ph.D in Applied Linguistics through Temple University's Japan Campus (TUJ). Her research interest includes learners and teachers autonomy and working with ELL. Her recent research is on collaboration in IDEA (Individual with Disability Education Act) and ELL (English Language Learner).


Wednesday, October 10th, 2018




ELF Study Hall 2015: Room 210 (Active Learning Zone), Tamagawa University